Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Pimp my phone

Super-customisation of mobile phones. Why not? Read this great post from the blog - Future Perfect - of Jan Chipchase, who works in the User Experience Group at Nokia Research. Bling Bling

A cultural anthropologist on mobile phone use

Interested in the future of mobile phones etc. and their users, then read this Q & A with cultural anthropologist Mimi Ito. From Red Herring.

What is Customer Experience Management?

A Vital part of Customer Experience Management (CEM) is about understanding your customers. And if you really do understand them, it sure is a good way of shaping the business approach. Want to know more? Check this post from LIVEPATH on Defining Customer Experience Link

Create your own radiostation

Streaming radio from the internet is nothing new. But this is too good to be true. Type in whatever artist or song you want, and this site will create a radiostation that play your favorites www.pandora.com . Want more radio streaming? Check live365.com