Saturday, December 24, 2005

Paper-thin, foldable battery to attach to clothes

NEC has developed a 0.3-millimeter thick, foldable battery to be used in cards or clothes, leading to new possibilities such as people walking through ticket gates with fare passes in their pockets.

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Research results in 35 mobile phone product ideas

Backpackers in Australia often wish to organise group activities, but have few collaboration methods available and only a trickle of communication is possible between them as they move. They regularly explore unfamiliar locations quickly, but have only basic resources to inform them about those places. Many opportunities exist for mobile devices to assist them with their difficulties.
University of Queensland researchers used a combination of mobile group ethnography, contextual group interviews and participatory activities, to explore current communication behaviour between backpackers engaged in a typical tourist activity.
Results indicate a long list of inconveniences backpackers face, which have translate into a list of 48 user requirements and a table of 35 product ideas. From Mobile Community Design

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Driving Innovation from the Supply Chain

Demand-driven innovation is driving every part of the modern business, including the supply chain. Take a look at the new supply chain, which responds directly to customer needs. From Harvard Business School - Supply Chain Strategy.

Driving Innovation from the Supply Chain

A new culture is arising

Robert Paterson on Change This. "We, in the West, have been asleep for a long time." We've become accustomed to living in a Matrix. What we once aspired to achieve and earn, is now taken for granted. A new culture is starting to challenge this Matrix. A culture that will revive our sense of community and lead us home.

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How to Speak a Teen's Language

Another great article from Change This. Speaking "teen" is not easy. It means knowing the difference between Beyonce, Britney, Ashlee and Jessica. Josh Shipp will help you become fluent in "teen". He'll teach you to entertain, inspire and empower.
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Design strategy now also at Davos - World Economic Forum

The annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland (25-29 January) is devoted to creativity! Hello there. Fantastic. One of the eight sub-themes is on "innovation, creativity and design strategy", exploring how "business, government and social innovators are taking on new creative capabilities and innovation strategies in response to a rapidly changing global landscape".
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Nice ad for Amnesty International

Saatchi & Saatchi Poland for Amnesty International Keep your mouth shut

Finance company taps into world opinion with great site

Financial services company - HBSC - has launched a truly interesting site, called Your Point of View, that intends to become a clearing house for world opinion and a celebration of differences in a world of sameness. The site lets you voice your opinion and drill down into the opinions of different cultures on the same topic. From cloning, to haute couture to wind farms to tattoos and modern art, the site present metrics for each category. While it's all tied to HBSC, it's nicely detached from any obvious product promotion except, of course, for its brilliant method of collecting varying cultural insight for use in defining the company's country-specific marketing. thanx adrants

your point of view

Mobile phones are a media - for others than phone companies

Whenever my phone company has a great offer, they send me a text message. Neat!
But why don´t they sell this medium to other advertisers? It´s more personal than TV and print ads. And I wouldn´t mind receiving offers on products I know and use. To me, it´s obvious. The phone companies could combine it with a dedicated website, where you would be able to select which products are in your interest. And we could save a lot of time browsing several websites, clicking 'yes' to receiving offers.