Friday, December 02, 2005

Photo sharing extravaganza - flickr

I love this. Just love it. What a way to follow the lives of my fellow earthlings flickr

Traditional website structure does not work anymore

Here is a another good manifesto from one of my favorites - ChangeThis. Websites need to enable visitors to browse with ease and leave them wanting more. Allow Dave and davidcoe to introduce you to the new 4G Web Strategy. 4G webstrategy

Porno for bibles

Great initiative from an atheist student organization in Texas. Porno for bibles From BoingBoing

What is Business Porn?

Another great thought from Hugh Macleod on his blog - gapingvoid Business Porn Yes. With porn, all things are possible.

Blog with loads of pix (addictive)

Happy Palace is a blog that inlines images from the sites it links to, with no descriptive text. Scrolling through the pix on this is hypnotically cool. Happy Palace
Thank you BoingBoing

Welcome to the hobby economy

Interesting post from Seth Godin on why we do what we do. Or... well. It´s hard to explain, so just read it. Welcome to the hobby economy

Interview with Nokia design director

Marko Ahtisaari talks about trends and insights on the relation between user-centered design and Nokia's innovation strategies. Read it here . From Danish Design Center

Learn more about Word of Mouth

The Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) has launched a blog: WOMBAT or Word of Mouth Basic Training. Check it out for some good advice. WOMBAT

Classic viral film

The end of the world. Had almost forgot about it. I love it. Enjoy it here
Thanx adfreak

Traffic calming happenings

What do you do if you´re tired of cars speeding around right where you´re living? Just install a living room in the street! This is a great idea. speed bump extraordinaire
From BoingBoing

Is innovation design?

On this dear question the Britsh Design Council have a say. Go to the piece via NussbaumOnDesign . In this very blog, you can read more about the Britsh Design Council. Read the post Serious User Involvement

Virtual Anthropology

Usually provides us with new trends. But this time they share their tricks of the trade. It´s called: Virtual Anthropology. Check out the December 05 newsletter here

Podcast on innovation

Try this one from Phil Mckinney. With his podcast - Killer Innovations - he shares thoughts, experience and tools about creativity and innovation. Start at his blog techtrend