Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Confirmation of the power of viral marketing

According to a report just released by Sharpe Partners, a marketing agency, 89% of US adult Internet users share content with friends, family and associates by e-mail, and they do so often.
Study of viral marketing

Should all brands go mobile?

CNET CNET has an interesting article on big consumer brands gradually moving their attention to mobile phones. Cell phones offer the possibility of establishing a direct relationship with customers, and brands obviously hope to take advantage of such opportunity.
brands going mobile

Ultra cool MINI website

This works! Damn it. This is the proper way to explain the MINI’s characteristics for a perfect performance during winter time - dominate winter

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parking meters as lollipops!

Spectacular streetart.
meter lollipops

A website where you pay for joy of shopping

Check out this Japanese (no wonder) site where you pay for the joy of shopping itself. Whatever product you buy will never be sent. Instead, you receive a video of the shopping experience, so you can relive your purchasegasm as many times as you like.

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Nail biters stop!

This is some great work for a cream that must taste so awful, no nail biter would ever again consider sticking their fingers in their mouths. nail biters

Nice NIKE outdoor

Nike outdoor

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Viral advertising archive

Just check it out: Viral Headquarters

Hand stamp as ad

Brilliant! This is a unique use of the nightclub hand stamp. In the U.K., to promote the Franz Ferdinand CD, the stamps became ads for the CD reminding party goers as they woke up the next day to check out the free DC offer in that day's The Guardian newspaper.
hand stamp as ad

Miller animal auditions :-)

Miller, along with Spike Jonze and Y&R Chicago, has created six commercials featuring talking animals that mock all the animals Budweiser has used in its ads over the years. The "auditions" for the ads, which feature animals babbling on frustrated actor-style:
miller auditions

Anheuser-Busch to launch TV network

Cut out the middleman, and create your own network.
Anheuser-Busch will use its Super Bowl commercial time to launch a direct-to-consumer network called "The Bud Screen." The network will offer all manner of programming, branded content and advertising delivered to the desktop or an iPod -
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Cell phone film competition

The Ithaca College hosts The CellFlix Festival which is an annual competition dedicated to the development of creative content for mobile delivery. View this years winner:

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