Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Googles ten golden rules for working

Every company should have such rules. Read them Ten Golden Rules

Study on teens and technology

Study shows that teens are more tech savy than ever before. Read this study. tech teens study . From Putting People First

A blog can be your companys best friend

Bloggers have damaged a number of companies, but it's time to think of the blog as your friend. Skillful blogging can boost your company's credibility and help it connect with customers. From Harvard Management Communication Letter. Does Your Company Belong in the Blogosphere?

8 Ideas That Will Revolutionize the 21st Century

Hugh Macleod, Gapingvoid , is blogging from from Les Blogs in Paris. And this is interesting. It´s a speech from Ben Hammersley :

8 Ideas That Will Revolutionize the 21st Century (and blogging isn't one of them).

1. Information wants to be free (vs. copyright).
2. Zero distance (vs. borders).
3. Mass amateurisation (vs.censorship).
4. More is much more. (vs. network blocking).
5. True names (vs. idendity cards & databases ).
6. Viral behaviour (vs. more network blocking).
7. Everything is personal (vs. everything is trackable).
8. Ubiquitous computing (no privacy).

What? Blogging isn't on the list?

No, says Ben, blogging isn't one of them, blogging is all of them. And he's writing a book about it. Buy it: Octet: The Eight Big Ideas You Need to Understand in the 21st Century

10 rules for strategic innovators

Every single day many fantastic ideas are put to rest. It has to stop. Let the bright ideas live. This excerpt from a new book, 10 Rules for Strategic Innovators, tells how to forge ahead based on four different types of innovation. Read it here . From Harvard Business School.